Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My favorite parts about Colorado...

Two months have gone by since I moved from New Jersey to Denver, Colorado-- two months since I picked up and moved 1,770 miles from home.  I still can't believe that I left my family, friends, job, and life in New Jersey--not to start over, but to start living my life out West. And I couldn't be happier living in the most beautiful place I've ever been, "colorful Colorado" as it has been so appropriately named. Colorado is most certainly colorful and breathtaking and unbelievable and fun and inspiring. Here are just a few things that I love about the place that's quickly becoming my new home:

I love the vast, open skies--the way they shine bright blue or burst with orange and yellow and indigo flames, the way the Rockies reflect their light in the distance, the way beams of light peek through the clouds so subtly, yet so boldly at the same time.

I love the way the sun reflects off the water, the way the swans sail through the water at Wash Park.

I love the bright flowers at the farmer's market on Pearl Street, how they draw me in every Sunday.

And how the sunflowers make a home on my window sill in mason jars, reminding me every day that the little things make me happiest.

I love the brightly painted houses-- turquoise and red and worn brick lining the streets, with couples holding hands on porch swings.

I love the bright green grass, and sitting in an open field tasting Colorado beers and laughing and smiling with friends, new and old.

I love the reflections on the buildings that line the Denver skyline, the way the mountains are always in the distance no matter where I drive. 

Mostly, I love living in a place that feels like home already, that's filled with beauty and lots of new adventures.