Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #28

Dear Mr. Christopher Paul Curtis,

I am writing to inform you that something most miraculous occurred over the past few weeks in my class--all thanks to you.

You have changed the lives of a group of students (and I'm sure many more) in my class.  In fact, you have transformed four rambunctious, eleven-year old boys into readers--a seemingly impossible feat I myself have struggled with all year.  After try and try and try, I just couldn't find the right book that could magically make these boys want to read--I mean, really want to read.

And then, I assigned them Bud, Not Buddy and everything changed.

You gave them a character they loved--Bud, and a story they couldn't stop reading.  You surprised them, made them laugh, and gave them so many wonderful ideas to bring to their lively book club discussions. You gave them their "favorite book ever"!

You even made this group fight a bit over who would read The Mighty Miss MaloneThe Watsons Go to Birmingham, and Elijah of Buxton first from our classroom library. They even had to make a list of who was reading what and when it had be finished by, so they could swap books--because they are that serious about your writing!

Your book was the greatest gift my students, and I, their teacher, could ever receive.  I can't thank you enough.  What would we do without authors like you in this world?

Yours eternally grateful,
Ms. S.

P.S. expect another letter soon from four enthusiastic boys from room A-204!


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  2. Funny I just recommended that book for historical fiction to a new 5th grade teacher. I will share with what her what you wrote.

  3. Send it on to him, Rachel! This is such a powerful example of what happens when children find books they love. Awesome work.

  4. Bud, Not Buddy is one of my all time favorites. I've used it with reluctant boys before, too, and it worked the same magic on them. I hope you do sent this to Christopher Paul Curtis!