Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #10

My relaxing weekend away, in pictures...

Drove along roads lined with colorful row houses--
bright yellows and blues and weathered brick...

Stayed at an apartment full of charm, with pretty views 
and interesting pieces of art from travels around the world...

Marveled at the breathtaking views at Niagara Falls--
sounds of rushing water and clouds of mist in the air...

Tasted delicious wines at local wineries--
reds and whites, sweet and dry...

Stopped to feel the cool, billowing 
breeze on Seneca Lake...


A great weekend away, but always happy to be back home...


  1. Thank you for the travelogue. You remind me how great a change of scene can be, even for a weekend.

    :-) Laura

  2. This SOL describes a pleasant. It's just beautiful!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I love that area. I hope you feel refreshed!

  4. A wonderful digital story - beautifully composed lines and photography. Welcome home!

  5. Your photos paired beautifully with your words. Like wine and cheese.