Monday, March 4, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #4

One of my favorite parts of the day is my drive to work. Fifteen minutes of almost straight highway with nothing particularly special to look at. But there’s something about that quick, blissful drive that clears my mind.  For those few minutes, I’m in my own world. I get to roll down the windows, feel the cool air, and listen to a sweet song.

As I drove to work this morning, I smiled as one of my favorite country songs came on. There’s something about country music that always puts me in good mood. Listening to the lyrics made me wish I was driving along some back road and blasting the radio… maybe even in a beat-up, old pickup truck.


Even though I probably won’t be driving down a road like this anytime soon, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s drive all the same.  Looking forward to hearing a new song to brighten up my morning.


  1. True, two-lane country roads are hard to find in northern New Jersey, but even the highway can be a place to find a blissful moment of let's-clear-my-head-with-a-great song!

  2. I love country music. It's so relate-able and can put into words how you're feeling. I'm looking forward to my drives to and from work once the weather gets a little nicer =)

  3. Love that tune on the way to school. I was very careful with my travel tune because it might be with me all day right?

  4. You would love driving in Montana. Lots of roads to drive.

    1. Montana is beautiful. I went there a couple of years ago. My grandmother's from Helena so I'm always hearing about how great it is. I'll have to go back one day soon!

  5. Sometimes I miss the commute to work. I use to have a half hour of my music, my thoughts. Now I have 5 mintute of my daughter asking me a million questions as I drop her off, then another 5 minutes and I arrive at school. I kind of envy you.

  6. brought back memories when I had a twenty minute drive to work and that twenty minutes in the morning was a way to clear my mind and prepare for the day. Thanks