Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #7

Waiting until the last minute to pack for a trip is never a good idea--especially, if you're an "over-packer" like me.  Any time I go away, I put off packing until the night before.

Even in college when I was going abroad for three months, I waited until the last minute to pack.  The night before I left, there were piles and piles and piles of clothes scattered throughout my room just waiting to be squeezed into my bag that seemed to be growing smaller by the minute. I tried every which way to fit all of those clothes in because they were all coming with me.  It would have been too overwhelming to just sort out the necessities.

I've pretty much mastered all the techniques for fitting an inordinate amount of stuff into a small bag--from  laying on top of the suitcase and zipping around the sides to folding every article of clothing meticulously so it saves the most space to using those space saving bags that do save space but leave your clothes completely wrinkled.

Tonight, I find myself facing the same dilemma.  I'm only going away for the weekend, but the options of what to bring seem endless and overwhelming. I have to be prepared for the unexpected, after all.

I probably should just look up the weather, grab a few sensible things, and be done.  But for some reason, I find myself unable to get past my over-packing syndrome. So, I think I'll just throw all of the piles of clothes I gathered  into my bag, zip it up with a struggle, and be done. I can figure it out when I get there!

Looking forward to getting away for the weekend...while carrying a very heavy bag along the way.


  1. Ha! Your piece made me laugh - mostly at myself. When I was living in Manhattan I would take my clothes across the street to the Chinese laundry. They would fold my cloths and return them to me in a vacuum packed cube that I could fit in my travel bag! Nice slice!

  2. Hopefully, you are travelling by car! I am of the "I can always buy what I forgot to pack/need once I'm there." This has not always worked out so well, however...but did make for great stories!

  3. I hope your trip brings good memories. My husband always tells me I have packed too much. I am always amazed at friends who can pack all their stuff in a small case and everything comes out ready to wear without wrinkles. I have come to believe that they must have a magic suitcase. Happy traveling.