Friday, March 8, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #8

My entire family is together today--my sister flew home from out west, my brother's back for the weekend from college. All of us siblings haven't been together like this in years.

It's a been a happy house today filled with sounds of laughter and joking and catching up. Even though each one of us is living in different places, in different stages in our lives, we seamlessly fall back into the way it was when we were younger. It's been really nice.


  1. I can relate to families being spread out. We are in several different states. Every summer my father-in-law sponsors a vacation for all of us--children, spouses, grandchildren. I love those weeks we get to spend together just hanging out.

  2. There is nothing so sweet as having so many loved ones together in one place. I imagine that this must be something like Heaven. Enjoy your precious family.

  3. Falling back into ways of being is such a comfort - and a true reflection of love.