Monday, March 18, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #18

It's only two days away until the first day of spring--probably my favorite season of the year.  But where are the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and warm, sunny days? They've currently been replaced with snow in New Jersey.  

I thought Puxsutawney Phil had forecasted an early spring! What is taking so long? Why more snow?

Since I'm clearly longing for spring and sick of this snow business, I Googled  "how many times has Punxsutawney Phil been right?".  Yes, I really did Google this.  I stumbled upon some interesting results...

According to's predictions have been accurate 100% of the time.  I find, however, it a little hard to believe anything from a website that promotes a groundhog club and groundhog souvenirs including groundhog cookie cutters, groundhog  travel mugs, Groundhog Brew Coffee (Phil's Blend), and groundhog day hot sauce.  Clearly, I've spent a good deal of time on this website.

Continuing my research in hopes of a more accurate source, I found that according to, Punxsutawney Phil has only been correct approximately 39% of the time. Just as I expected.  I had my hopes up for weeks, only to be let down by old Phil.

Even though my favorite parts of spring may not arrive just yet, I am going to try and enjoy the snow nonetheless.  It's actually a pretty beautiful sight outside right now.  The roads are lined with a dusting of fluffy snow.  No one has driven down my street all night, so it's a pretty undisturbed, peaceful sight.

If we're in for a little more wintry weather, I may be okay with that...only if it brings us a delayed opening tomorrow morning! I could use a few extra hours of sleep.

Until then, I'm still awaiting spring! And still holding a grudge against Phil!


  1. Rachel,

    Here is western NY we are lamenting and I posted weather complaints from a robin's point of view.
    ~ Theresa

  2. The snow on the ground and the cold rain is not making for a very good spring here in MI either. I was so happy with Phil's prediction, but now, I am with you!

  3. I am done with the snow and also old Phil. Although I am impressed with your Phil research....groundhog hotsauce????!!!

  4. So did you file an official complaint with Phil? Maybe the better business bureau for false and misleading advertisement. LOL I'm with you I am looking forward to spring.