Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #27

Spring, are you here? We think you have finally arrived--it was warm, breezy, 
and sunny today, and we couldn't help but notice.  It was all the talk around here...

We're ready. We've been waiting and waiting  for our buds, 
the color of flames, to spread and grow. We long for being planted in the front yards 
of aged, brick homes, along worn pathways, and crumbling stone walls...

We don't want to get too excited, though--not just yet.  We thought you were finally here the other 
day, but then it grew frosty and cold--and we ended up feeling disappointed and sad...

 But we're hopeful, Spring, because you showed  up today, and we were happy and 
we smiled.  Our colors grew brighter with the warm, beautiful weather. Our souls felt restored.

Please, do your best tomorrow, Spring.  We hope you come back to visit.  
We'd love for you to stay for awhile...


  1. Now, how could Spring resist an invitation like that?! Well done, Rachel!

  2. Oh yes, say it's so! I long for the warmer temperatures. Let colors come!

  3. I drove from Ohio to South Carolina today. Usually about half way through my drive I begin to see the green of grass, the flowering blooms of the dogwood, the daffodils, but today I only saw SNOW. I didn't see green until I got to South Carolina which is very unusual. I thought we were the only ones waiting on spring in Ohio, but I realize everyone is waiting --- and ready! Thanks for your pictures of hope!

    Love this line: "e long for being planted in the front yards
    of aged, brick homes, along worn pathways, and crumbling stone walls..."