Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #5

Feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the things I have piling up, so I figured I’d make a list to sort it all out. 

My to-do list:
  • Type up my observation lesson plan
  • Walk the dogs
  • Start training for the triathlon I signed up for this summer—go for a run
  • Put together packets for book clubs
  • Grade a stack of tests
  • Relax and have a glass of wine
  • Start studying for another Praxis exam
  • Finish Delirium
  • Write letters back to my students in their reading journals
  • Figure out my life
  • Plan my weekend trip to the Finger Lakes
  • Write my slice
  • Book a flight to see my sister
  • Plan a summer trip to Italy
  • Watch the news, because I’m feeling uninformed
  • Call my best friend and catch up on life

Now, if only I could get it all done tonight. I better get started. Time to prioritize.


  1. I am tired just looking at your list. Oh, and I'm still working on #10....but have #6 all figured out!

  2. What? In one night? Yikes, Im with Tara!

  3. Have your glass of wine and leave everything else for tomorrow!