Monday, March 11, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #11

I was organizing and rummaging through old pictures today and came across this.  The third-grade version of myself wrote this about why my dad was the best...

I must have been pretty wise at the ripe old age of eight because this describes my dad to a T.

Because it's my dad's birthday today, here's my twenty-something year old version of why my dad's the best...

My dad is...
Always there, always listening, always caring, always encouraging,
Always watching, always cheering, always guiding, always teaching, 
Always selfless, always gentle, always patient, always proud,
Always the person I hope I can be just like, someday soon

Thanks Dad, for everything.  Happy birthday.


  1. How wonderful! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  2. What a treat for both you and your dad. Not much has changed.

  3. The best gift of all - your thoughts on paper. Both poems are special.

  4. So wonderful that you found a piece of your young self that had the wisdom to know what you were blessed with - an amazing Dad. Hope you enjoyed your family time, Rachel - you were missed today!

  5. How fun to find a piece of your writing from your younger self and then update it for Dad's birthday this year! A personal piece of writing - the best present ever.