Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slice of Life March Challenge #23

This morning I had to get my hair done. It needed to be cut and colored so badly.  I generally avoid getting anything done to my hair, until it absolutely has to be done. For some reason, getting my hair done stresses me out. I think it's probably because I've seen and had some pretty scary outcomes from drastic dye jobs and hair cuts.

There was a time when I was blonde and a time when my hair was almost black--my hair's been pretty much most shades of the rainbow--minus blue and purple and green.  It's been short and very long and somewhere in between.  

And I've even dabbled in being a "hair stylist" myself.  I remember one time when we were on a family vacation, I attempted to dye my sister's pretty light brown hair to blonde and it did not go so well.  Her hair turned pretty much as orange as a carrot. Not a pretty sight.  Lauren was in tears, her prom was two weeks away--of course, and we had to make an emergency appointment at a local salon to fix the havoc I had wreaked on her head.  Three hours and 200 dollars later, she emerged with a slightly lighter, fried head of orange hair--now about the color of orange sherbet

So you can see why my level of stress rises as I enter a hair salon.  And I know this is not normal--most people enjoying getting their hair cut--it's relaxing they say.  But I'm not fooled by that guise.

As I was driving to the salon today I realized that these were the reasons why I don't enjoy getting my hair done:

  1. Scary things can happen when you dye your hair--I've seen and experienced them firsthand
  2. I usually never know what I want to get done
  3. When I think I might have an idea about what I want to get done, I'm never sure if it'll look okay on me and my hair stylist never seems to know either
  4. My hair usually doesn't come out as I expected/hoped, and I never leave the salon looking like a model and/or celebrity, which I always think will happen when I walk into the salon
  5. The lights in salons can be deceiving--everyone's hair looks shiny and beautiful and the perfect color--until you walk outside in the sunlight and it looks totally different

Anyway, I tried to go in there today with a open mind.  Maybe I'd try a new 'do, I thought.  But then I remembered how my sister's hair had turned out that time and thought I should probably just stick to something simple--and I did and I'm happy with it.  Yes, it pretty much looks exactly the same as before, but a few inches shorter.  But nothing drastic occurred and my head feels lighter and I feel happier, so I guess it was a success, after all.


  1. I went to a new stylist the other day and said "I want a big haircut, do whatever you think will look good" and it turned out great! Wait for the compliments on Monday, that will make you feel better, too!

  2. If you are happy that's what counts. Your tales of coloring is why I never started that when the gray started to creep onto my head. Fear and cheapness were my motivators.

  3. It is always nice to try something new, but there is something to be said for tried and true, too.

  4. Hair cuts totally stress me out....and when I leave I never feel better. But, it sounds like your visit was a success!

  5. I always think that nothing drastic is the way to go. If I make a change, a gradual one is better for me and certainly seems subtle to my family and co-workers. No staring is better than the alternative. :)

  6. My hair goes from long to short and back again, but for different reasons. I love short hair, but I get stressed out just trying to make an appointment. If I keep my hair long, I can go months between haircuts. I do love shocking people when I go from long hair to supershort. The doubletakes are priceless.

  7. This is such an honest reflection about something that is commonplace but gives many people stress. I always enjoy my trips to the salon but it took a while to find the right people to trust with my hair. I definitely have had some bad haircuts and can understand why you would feel nervous. I am glad things went well today for you :)